BR James 


"I love speaking and making music, especially words and music that connects with the listener" Said BR James..  "In my opinion, you have to truly love people to be able to connect with them" "music and spoken word can relief the burdens of life if we sing from the right source" said BR James.

BR is also currently working on projects that aid mental and soul wellness and wholeness

Born in Islington, London, James

was one of three brothers and one sister

"There was always a passion for music and a softness

toward melody" said James. "I remember

playing an organ my Granddad left after

he passed, the keys did something in me"

 Past works include 

​Live Session on Eagle Radio  |   Eagle 3 |   2013  |   

BBC Masterclass  |   BBC Radio 1 |   2013  | 

Live session at BBC Brighton   |   BBC Introducing the South  |   2016  

Single Release  |   Still Around  |   2017  |   

UK Album Tour   |   You and Me on a mission   |   2017  |   

Trinity Mirror Write up   |   Get Surrey   |   2017  |   

Cross Rhythm Write up  |   Album Review  |   2017  | 

Soul Tracks Write up  |   Single Review  |   2017  | 

EP Release  |   BR James and The Piano: Soul Life |   2018  | 

UK Southern Tour I  An Evening with BR James I 2018

Single Release  |   Number One |   2019  | 

UK Southern Tour  |   The Experience   |   2019  |   

BBC Radio London  |   "Number One" song Premiere  |   2019  |   

Album Release |   Waiting For You  |   2020  |   

 Training & Workshops 

Real Live|   Innovative and Unique |   A series of live recordings done at carefully selected locations to aid mental stability


James is passionate about people, and has a real life approach to speaking and music bringing listeners into an experience

 FUN Facts  

1) BR is a cheese and biscuits connoisseur 

2) BR loves extra hot chilli sauces 


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